Isabella Machinè 


22 – 02 – 2018

Isabella is such a beautiful soul! We met on Instagram. Isabella has an account where she talks about being a mother, being a vegan and also teaches us all to take good care of our planet earth through little things, like: sustainability, recycling and reducing waste. At the time I approached Isabelle, suggesting we work together, she was carrying her precious boy, she was becoming a mother. So we didn’t think long and decided to do a maternity session. At that time Isabella was about 25-30 weeks pregnant. I would say this is the best time to do a maternity session since your body is not yet swollen! Not only Isabella is beautiful, she has such good sense for interior and fashion. The session took place at her beautiful apartment in Amsterdam. From the moment I walked in I could tell how much love she put to create such a loving home for her future child. If you are a mother, or one to become I would totally recommend you to follow Isabelle!

In front of the camera: Isabella Machinè

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